Ten good reasons to subscribe to "A Moment with Mary"

Ten good reasons to subscribe to "A Moment with Mary"

1. To understand little by little how the Virgin Mary leads us to her son, Jesus.

2. To discover the fundamental role of Mary, mother of God and mother of men, in the history of salvation.

3. To let Mary change our heart of stone into a heart of flesh, day after day.

4. To take a delicate, gentle and more humane path into the mystery of the Catholic faith.

5. To discover the universality of Mary's motherhood through testimonials from all around the world.

6. To marvel at the way Mary accompanies the Church in her work of evangelization.

7. To gain a better knowledge of Mary’s virtues in order to imitate them.

8. To open ourselves to having Mary, our mother, guide us at every moment of our lives.

9. To strengthen our hope by realizing how many gifts and graces God and his Mother have bestowed on us.

10. To devote a moment, even a short one, to visit with our Mother in Heaven.