Mary's Life with Saint John

Mary with Saint John

Saint John lived in the Blessed Virgin's house—as Jesus asked on the cross, for several years.


John, the beloved disciple, was very young and single. However, he was more than a son for Mary: he had become a priest since the institution of the Eucharist in the Upper Room during the Last Supper. So he was the Apostle who gave communion to the Virgin Mary, thus feeding her with the Bread of Life, the very same Eucharistic Bread to whom she had given her own flesh.

At a later date, did Mary follow the Apostle John when he moved to Ephesus?

The Scriptures do not reveal this, but some discoveries at the site of the so-called “House of the Virgin Mary” in Ephesus seem to confirm what Tradition has always held as a fact.


Tradition even adds that Mary would have departed for Heaven from her house in Ephesus. This is known in the Catholic Church as Mary’s Assumption, the fourth of the Glorious Mysteries.