Chosen by God Since All Eternity

Chosen by God Since all Eternity

"Blessed be God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all the spiritual blessings of heaven in Christ. Thus He chose us in Christ before the world was made to be holy and faultless before Him in love, marking us out for Himself beforehand, to be adopted sons, through Jesus Christ"

(Ephesians 1:3).

God planned the center and the peak of all time by foreseeing the Incarnation

Prior to the foundation of the earth, God lovingly created man in his image, foreseeing the Incarnation of His Son - the perfect, true man - "at the center of history and the universe". The entire story of humanity converges towards Christ, who was born of the immaculate Virgin Mary. For this reason, St Bernard wrote: "Everyone - those who came before us, those of us who are living now, and those who will come later on in the course of time - we must all turn to look at Mary, as if we were turning to look towards the center and the summit of all times..." (In festo Pentecostes, sermo 2, #4).

God created His masterpiece in Mary

Blessed among women, Mary was chosen by God for all eternity to give birth to the Savior, for whom humanity had been waiting since the beginning of time. He created His masterpiece so she would be the mother of His Son and our mother. "God the Father assembled all kinds of water, and called it the sea; He assembled all kinds of His graces, and called her Mary" (Treatise on True Devotion – St Louis de Montfort).


St Bernardine of Siena also wrote: "O Mary, well before the creation, you were predestined in the thought of God so you could make Him flesh and blood" (Sermo 4, De Immaculata Virginis conceptione, art. 3, cap. 4).



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