Mary attracted the Living Spirit upon the Apostles

“The power of my Resurrection, by the grace of my death, enables me to enter your heart. I, Jesus, the Risen One, can appear, because I have returned to my Father’s heart. I can come into your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit. This constant exchange of love between my Father’s heart and my heart of a Son, pours outward from the Holy Spirit. This love can be given to your heart if you are willing to receiving it.”

I am Love and I am speaking to you

I want to take possession of your heart of flesh; I want to take possession of it using my Father’s heart, where I am outpouring at all times by the power of the Spirit. In this way, as a bridegroom, the three of us want to come and live in your heart. In fact, the Holy Trinity wants to take possession of your heart and make His residence there. The coming of the Holy Trinity into your heart is the unfathomable mystery of Pentecost.

This mystery proceeds at Mary’s side, with her and in her presence

The Holy Trinity dwells in Mary and she communicated the Spirit to the Apostles. Through them, she touches every heart that chooses to follow Christ. Everything that happened on the day of the Ascension, Mary kept in her heart. She was educated by her Son’s example, so Mary understood the Father’s will for her.

“Thy will be done” — the Fiat of the Annunciation and the Fiat of the Cross took Mary to the Fiat of the Ascension.

Jesus disappeared before her eyes of flesh. She had to experience this mystery of separation, a detachment purer and more perfect than all that she had experienced until then. She did not hesitate for a moment and hastened to gather the Apostles together again.

These puzzling events could have caused the dispersion of the Apostles once again. But Mary was an example of contemplation. She saw beyond mere appearances. She believed, hoped and loved. She gathered them together. After the visible separation of Christ’s Ascension, she was the only one who could show the Apostles how to live in the presence of the Living Christ. She was the only one who could help them enter into deep contemplation. She was the only one who could teach them how to put into practice all that they had seen and heard.

Mary’s fervent prayer attracted the living Spirit upon those that Jesus had chosen to found His Church

Mary leads us to Jesus and she will also bring us back to Him. We need Mary in order to live and put into practice what we discover in Christ’s living presence. Mary is the Mother who will lead us to God’s glory. She will lead us to enter into the mystery of glory of Pentecost. At Pentecost, Mary waited in expectation, as she did at the times of the Annunciation and the Resurrection, she waited in hope. But at Pentecost, she was not alone; she waited with the Apostles. Mary had gathered them together and she attracted God’s manifestation on earth. This time she was not alone as she received the Holy Spirit’s manifestation. Her fervent prayer attracted the living Spirit upon the Apostles.

The New Covenant is tangible here more fully than at the Nativity. “I am sending upon you what the Father has promised.” Jesus returned to the Father’s heart, and now the power of the Spirit flows out of their eternal Love. The living Spirit, outpouring from the Father and the Son has no other desire and no other mission than to involve all mankind in His incomparable and powerful Love. The power of the Spirit will never overlook those hearts that work in continuity for the Church and in the Church with Mary.

Mary entered into contemplation and helped the Apostles enter the silence of meditation with her

Let us contemplate the mystery of Jesus, Son of God and Son of man. Until the end of time, Mary will continue to encourage her Church to penetrate into this mystery. Let us pray to Mary so that she herself may lead us into contemplating the mystery of this living Love. Let us pray to Mary so that she herself may lead us on the path to the purest detachment. This pure detachment will take us beyond appearances and enable us to surpass the carnal and material world - the world of affectivity and sensitivity, the world of our own will - to join only God’s will. Pure detachment is the door that opens and introduces us to worship and contemplation. The path of pure detachment is the essential path to reach true worship. Mary leads us to an open door and invites us to enter into God’s Love.

Let us pray again to Mary so that she may bring many adoring hearts to the cradle of the Mother-Church; Eucharistic hearts that pray with her and attract other hearts to the Father’s tenderness, by the power of the Spirit.


Marie-Benoite Angot