How do I Pray to Mary Who Unties Knots?

Mary comes to us today with the infinite love of a mother and moved by her extraordinary power of intercession through her Son Jesus.

She is beautiful, triumphant, resplendent and merciful. She comes to us, surrounded by the celestial court, to untie the knots of our lives. Her love and the love of her Son for us is immense. Indeed, Mary wishes that we discover this love that will dry the tears from our eyes, and with merciful hands she will untie all the knots that cause our anguish!

Who can say that they have no knots in their lives?

But what are these knots? Those problems that we have often carried with us for years and years that seem insoluble:

  • knots of family disagreements, incomprehension between parents and children, lack of respect, violence;
  • knots of resentment between husband and wife, lack of peace and joy in the home, knots of anguish, knots of the despair of broken marriages, of the dissolution of families, knots caused by the suffering of a son’s drug abuse, illness, separation from the home or God;
  • knots of alcoholism, knots of our vices and those of our loved ones;
  • knots of physical wounds or morals caused by others, of torturing rancour, of feelings of guilt from past abortions, of terminal illnesses, of depression, unemployment, our personal fears, loneliness, incredulity, pride, all those “knots” in our lives that are the consequence of sin.

Ah, the knots in our lives!

How they suffocate our souls, drain our life force, take away the joy in our hearts and even remove our will to continue living! These knots separate us from God, chaining our arms, legs, all our being and our faith, preventing us from abandoning ourselves like children into the arms of God and glorifying Him.

The Virgin Mary wants this to cease. She comes to us today and asks us to give her all these knots. She will untie them one after the other. During this new millennium, called “Marian” because it was consecrated to Mary by Pope John Paul II, the Holy Mother of God is more than ever ready to help those who call upon her mercy.

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior ... for the Almighty has done great things for me. Holy is his name...” (Lk 1:46).

Let us accept today what belongs to us. Let us discover the greatness of our Mother, who unties knots, and let her lead us and reveal to us the wonders that she has in store for us. Wherever she goes, she manifests her power in favor of those who have recourse to her by granting them innumerable graces. Come close to Mary now. How beautiful she is! We are no longer alone. Everything can start to change. What loving mother does not come to her child in need when he calls her?

Prayer to Mary Who Unties Knots

Virgin Mary,

Mother of True Love,

Mother who never abandoned a child who called for help,

Mother whose hands work unceasingly for your beloved children,

because you are driven by Divine Love and infinite mercy

that overflows from your heart, look at me with compassion.

See the snarl of knots that choke my life.

You know my despair and my pain.

You know how these knots paralyze me.

Mary, Mother of God responsible

for untying the knots in the lives of your children,

I place the ribbon of my life in your hands.

Nobody, not even the Evil One,

can snatch it from your merciful assistance.

In your hands,

there is not one knot that cannot be untied.

O Mother, by your grace

and your powerful intercession

with your Son Jesus Christ, my Liberator,

please receive this knot today…
(Name the knot if possible).

For the glory of God, I ask you to untie it and keep it untied forever.

I place my hope in you.

You are the only consolatrix that God gave me;

you are the fortress of my fragile strength,

the richness of my miseries,

and the release of all that prevents me from being with Christ.

Hear my call. Keep me, guide me, and protect me.

You are my refuge.

Mary Who Unties Knots, pray for me.



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