Marian devotion flourishes in special places

Wherever you go on this planet, you will find that every country has its special places dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Some of these places have wide-spread reputation, others are known only locally.

Shrines and sanctuaries dedicated to Mary can be found everywhere, in all countries on earth!

Whether you consider simple rural chapels or famous basilicas - such as the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, or Santa Maria Magiorre of Rome - places of apparitions known world-wide, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, Our Lady of Akita in Japan, Our Lady of  Kibeho in Rwanda, or if you consider the very ancient Marian sanctuaries where countless people have gone on pilgrimage such as Charters Cathedral in France, or Our Lady del Pilar in Spain, if you consider the more recent shrines like Our Lady of Velankanni in India, Our Lady of Antipolo in the Philippines, Our Lady of Zo-Se in China or Our Lady of  Onna in Japan, Our Lady Queen of Angels in the Cap or Our Lady of Algiers in Algeria - to cite only a few - it is no exaggeration to say that Mary is absolutely everywhere on this earth.

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