The Liturgical Time of Advent

The Liturgical Time of Advent

Advent is the transcription of the Latin “adventus” which designates the fact of having arrived or come: it is the time that prepares to the “coming” of Christ, his coming in glory at the end of time and his humble coming at Christmas.

Advent is partly a time of purification through penance (the celebrant wears purple), but it is mostly a time of joy.

Advent places particular importance on the prophets who announce the coming of Jesus, the Christ and the Savior. The Virgin Mary of course knew and meditated these prophecies.

Advent gives great importance to John the Baptist, the one who prepared the public ministry of Jesus.

Advent is intensely turned toward Mary from December 17. It gives great importance to Mary who bore Jesus in her womb. As Christmas approaches, the Church will remember her virginal conception, her Visitation, the song of the Magnificat...


We invite you to discover the uniqueness of the Advent liturgy: some antiphons and prayers, less known yet of rich signification, occur only during Advent. They come to us directly from the faith of the first Christians, 1500 years ago.