What is prayer?

For someone who believes in God, prayer is an essential part of daily activity. Jesus said, “When you pray, go to your private room and shut yourself in, and so pray to your Father who is in that secret place” (Mt 6:6).


Prayer is a conversation with God

Prayer is an act of communication rather than a ritual. It is not a mechanical torrent of empty words, which Jesus referred to when He said: "Do not repeat empty words, as the pagans do."


Worship helps us enter into prayer

Everyone (except real atheists) has the same thirst to meet the Creator of the universe, who draws us to Him. We want to respond to God’s creative action for us, both past and present. Worship is a free act on our behalf; it’s the act of a person who wants to meet his Creator. It is an act which requires the search for truth. Humanity is religious and the way we respond to God’s creative and loving action is through worship, which leads to contemplation.


God speaks to my heart

Worship flourishes in the contemplation of God. God leads me and draws me to Him. My worship becomes contemplation, which is an encounter with God: God speaks directly to my soul.




Adapted from http://cathedrale-lyon.cef.fr/