Tears of Happiness

Tears of Happiness

It is noon, I see the church is open,

I must enter.

Mother of Jesus Christ,

I have not even come to pray.

I have nothing to offer,

nothing to ask.

Mother, I come only to see you.


When I see you, I shed tears of happiness,

knowing I am your son and you are present.

Everything stops just for a moment.


It is noon!

Just being with you, Mary,

in this place where you are;

I have nothing to say, I just gaze at you,

letting my heart sing in its own language.


I do not speak, because my heart is so full,

as a blackbird goes off on its own tangent,

because it is noon,

because today is today,

because you are always here,

simply because you are Mary,

because you are who you are,

Mother of Jesus Christ, I thank you.





(Excerpt from "Veillez et Priez" Ed. Tequi)

Paul Claudel