Manifestations of Saint Joseph in the History of the Church

In the field of private revelations, manifestations of Saint Joseph abound, notably in hagiographies and especially in the Carmelite Order (Saint Teresa of Avila, Blessed Mary of Christ Crucified "The Little Arab," etc.) On the other hand, the Catholic Church officially recognizes only three:

  • At Cotignac (France), on June 7, 1660, to the shepherd Gaspar Ricard;
  • At Fatima (Portugal), on October 13, 1917 (in royal garb, wearing a red coat!) to 60,000 people;
  • At Knock (Ireland), near Dublin, in front of 17 people, on August 21, 1879: "As the respectable Lady that she was, coming to a country that held women, marriage and the priesthood in high regard, Our Lady brought her husband, Saint Joseph, with her, as well as Saint John the Evangelist dressed in priestly garments... "