In Egypt: Mary has her people

Located in the far of the north-eastern confines of Africa between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, Egypt can boast of being the country where the Holy Family came to take refuge to escape the persecution of Herod, only a few months after the birth of Incarnate Word in Bethlehem of Judea, in the first year of the Christian era.

Already at that time, in the Hebrews’ biblical history, Egypt was known as the country where the Chosen People had lived for more than 400 years; until, under the leadership of Moses, one of their own, Israel would be freed from the chains of servitude and regains the land of Palestine, after 40 years of crossing the desert.

Christians, especially Copts, are only a minority today in this country of pharaohs and pyramids, but their fervor, particularly their unfailing devotion to Mary for more than two millennia, has been recognized by the Virgin herself.

Shrines at the scenes of Marian apparitions and miracles are not lacking in Egypt

The last to date are the recent apparitions of the Virgin in Zeitoun, in the suburbs of Cairo, which took place in 1971. Worthy of mention is the fact that the Virgin willed to be seen both by both Christians and Muslims, the latter being the majority in that country.