The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a huge country in the heart of Africa. It received its first missionaries in 1484. The meditated Rosary became a popular practice everywhere.

The country has some Marian shrines, but the expression of love for Mary is not limited to those places.

In October 1960, a national Marian day was held:

In Lisala, groups of faithful came in succession to pray before the Virgin Mary, every half an hour, and in the evening, her statue was carried in procession. Then  the bishop renewed the consecration of the diocese to Mary.

At Nouvel-Anvers, there was a procession on the river, with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima attached to the bow of a boat. As it passed the villages, the fishermen gathered and cheered.

The same events were repeated in Mobeka, Lusengo, Bulombo, Ndobo, and elsewhere.


In Inongo, 15 minutes from the mission, is a statue called "Our Lady of the Tree." Every Saturday, after Mass, the faithful go there on pilgrimage.

In Mbaya, a similar pilgrimage goes to a statue of "Our Lady of Good Hope."

In Kizu, Vaku, and Langu, there is a public Rosary on Saturdays. And there are just a few examples of devotion to Mary.

The best known shrines are those of Kisantu, Boma and Kinshasa.



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