Zimbabwe, was influenced first by the Portuguese, then the English. In Harare, the capital, Catholics represent 10% of the population. The country is currently plagued with food shortages, AIDS, violence, and political tension.

During a visit to Zimbabwe, Pope Saint John Paul II entrusted the country to Mary Immaculate, in Harare, on September 11, 1988. On that day, he said:

“Blessed Virgin of Nazareth, O Woman of faith …You are Our Lady of Peace. Today we turn to you, thanking you for being such. Watch over your sons and daughters whom today I entrust to you with great confidence.

They have experienced the horrors of hate and violence. They long for justice and peace. They desire reconciliation and harmony among the tribes and races of Zimbabwe, and among all peoples of the earth. Your beloved Son died on the cross to ‘gather the scattered sons of God’ (Jn 11:52). We are a people who believe that He is the Prince of Peace.”

Saint John Paul II, Angelus of September 11, 1988, in Harare

The Marian movement of Schoenstatt, formed in 1975, established a Marian shrine there.

The community "Mother of Peace" built a shrine in Mutemwa.

In the city of Musami, the church dedicated to the martyrs of peace and charity, is a place of pilgrimage and important gathering.

Zimbabwe Shrines:

- Harare: The country is entrusted to the Immaculate

- Mutemwa: Our Lady of Peace