In Lebanon, most Christians are Maronite Catholics. The number of Christians is decreasing due to emigration motivated by international conflict and the Islamization of the country.

The Maronite liturgy draws directly from the Bible to sing the praises of the Mother of God. Some ancient feasts reflect the confidence of a people in Mary's protection of agriculture: Our Lady of Seeds (January 15), Our Lady of Ears of Corn (May 15), Our Lady of the Vine (August 15). Very quickly, August 15th became the Feast of the Dormition of Our Lady, preceded by a 14-day fast, and celebrated with hymns highlighting Mary as the first of the resurrected among creatures.

In a country torn by the horrific conflict in the Middle East, various initiatives for peace have been attempted, including "The Way of Mary," which implies a process of dialogue and exchange in a friendly atmosphere, at pilgrimage sites in Lebanon shared by Muslims and Christians alike.

Principal Marian shrines:

  • Harissa (Jounieh, Beirut): Our Lady of Lebanon (Maronite)
  • Sidon (today's Saida): Our Lady of Mantara
  • Bzommar: Our Lady of Sorrows (Armenian Catholics)
  • Bikfaya: Our Lady of the Liberation (Maronite)
  • Balamand: Our Lady of the Assumption, in a Greek Orthodox monastery.