Medjugorje: Institutions Associated with the Shrine

Medjugorje: Institutions Associated with the Shrine


"Domus Pacis" is a house of prayer (purchased in 1990) where prayer seminars take place (notably "Prayer and Fast" seminars), retreats and days of recollection for local and foreign pilgrims.


The "Village of the Mother" is an establishment dedicated to the care and education of abandoned or neglected children. It was born in 1993, at the wish of its founder, Father Slavko Barbaric, to offer a programmed and structured education to children and young people, to foster their physical, intellectual, moral, religious and cultural development.


Through a Catholic approach and teaching, the children enjoy a sense of freedom and dignity, love and understanding. The children are in the care of the Sisters of the Franciscan Schools of Herzegovina and lay assistants. This establishment officially opened on September 8, 1996.


The Village also houses a kindergarten, a dental office and a center of physiotherapy.


Saint Francis Gardens, a wood of several acres at the northwest of the Village, is the latest project of Father Slavko Barbaric who was inspired by a message of the Virgin where she invites us thus: "Go outdoors and see how nature awakens, this will help you open your heart to the love of the Creator-God." (April 25, 1993)

After a long effort of clearing up and embellishing, this rocky ground covered by a forest of pines became a beautiful place conducive to meditation, recreation, prayer and education. There are 2 artificial lakes, a playground, fairy-tales inspired figures, as well as domestic and wild animals, exotic birds and three ponies for therapeutic reserved for disabled children. (See: St Francis Gardens)


The "Cenacolo" Community was founded by Sister Elvira Petrozzi in 1983 in Saluzzo, Italy, to help treat drug addicts. Its goal is to discover the true values of Christian life and apply them to our own lives. The community believes that Jesus Christ is their therapist, and their path to healing prayer, work and friendship. Because of the particular graces that this place offers youth in search of the truth, Sister Elvira founded two houses in Medjugorje: one for boys called "Fields of Life" in 1991, one for girls called "Fields of Joy" in 2000. The boys of the "Cenacolo" are happy to accommodate pilgrims and tell them about their conversion and freedom from addictions.





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