Ile Bouchard : Our Lady of Prayer

The Shrine of L’Ile Bouchard (Touraine)


From December 8-14, 1947, the Virgin Mary appeared to three children. She especially asked the little girls to pray for sinners and for France and she promised happiness to families.

A pilgrimage was organized very quickly, which bore fruits of joy, peace, and national reconciliation. This pilgrimage brought a lasting spirit of prayer in its wake. A detailed account of the apparitions can be found on the official website of the shrine. 

"Our Lady of Prayer"

This beautiful name was given to Our Lady of L’Ile Bouchard in 1966 by the Archbishop of Tours, Monsignor Louis Ferrand, following the events of December 8-14, 1947. The Virgin Mary is the teacher of prayer. 

Church Recognition:

On December 8, 2001, Bishop Andrew Vingts-Trois, archbishop of Tours at the time, granted a decree authorizing pilgrimages and public worship in the parish church of Saint-Gilles of L'Ile-Bouchard to invoke Our Lady of Prayer, under the pastoral responsibility of the legitimate priest of this parish.

Life at the Shrine

The church is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm, with Mass, Rosary, confessions, adoration, and Marian celebrations. 

The official website will also give you a map, details of the story of the apparitions, dates of pilgrimages, activities for youth, and nearby accommodations.

The House of Chezelles (La Maison de Chezelles)

In connection with the shrine, the Emmanuel Community offers retreats and spiritual seminars in the House of Chezelles, 8 km south east of L'Ile-Bouchard.

The shrine welcomes groups of pilgrims to L'Ile-Bouchard. Silent retreats for adults are open to all. The mission of the Emmanuel Community there is to serve the region and the diocese.