Maisières, France: Our Lady of the Oak

On the morning of April 3, 1803, in the Valley of the Loue near Ornans, about 20 km from Besançon, Cecile Mille (October 16, 1789-July 13, 1835), saw "a beautiful, tall lady dressed in white, accompanied by four little girls also wearing white clothes, each carrying a lit candle. This beautiful lady continued walking all the way to the 'Oak of Our Lady'"...

On August 15, 1803, Cecile and a few others saw two "lights" that were coming out of the Oak of Our Lady near the lower branches. A closer inspection led to the discovery of a 19 cm clay statue of the Virgin with Child, dating from the 17th century.


A chapel was built by the oak tree, which was consecrated on August 3, 1869 by Archbishop Mathieu.


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