Rohan: Timadeuc Abbey

On July 22, 1841, two monks and a lay brother left La Trappe Abbey in Orne and settled in Brittany at Timadeuc (Bréhan) in the diocese of Vannes.

Faithful to the Benedictine tradition, monks attach great importance to the welcoming of guests and hospitality for anyone who comes to the door of the monastery, for anyone who wishes to share their life of prayer for a few days, for example during the holidays.

The abbey church is always open to those who want to join the choir of the monks who gather there at set times during the day to chant the services. The celebration of the Eucharist is the heart of the monastic day where all—monks, guests, retreatants, visitors—listening to the Word of God, through the great Eucharistic Prayer and the Communion with the Body and Blood of Christ, make one Body in Christ.

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