Saint Bauzille de la Sylve: Our Lady of Sunday


This occurrence took place on June 8th of the year 1873, on Trinity Sunday, in a small village in the south of France (near Montpellier).

Auguste Arnaud had been out working in his vineyard since 5 am. Around 7:30, the Virgin Mary appeared to him and asked him to build a cross. Augustus therefore made a wooden cross at the place that she had indicated.

On July 8, 1873, in a second apparition, the Virgin Mary said to Augustus, in the dialect of the region:

"Don’t work on Sundays."

She went on:

"Happy is the one who will believe and unhappy the one who will not believe. You should go to Notre-Dame de Gignac in procession, and you and your family will be happy."

Mary then slipped the Rosary she carried onto her left hand, and blessed the crowd with her right hand, saying:

"Sing hymns."

While continuing his life and career as a wine-grower, Augustus became a fervent Catholic and died at the age of 93.

Position of the Church

After a long investigation, Bishop de Cabrières authorized the construction of a shrine in 1879 in honor of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.