Versailles (78) : Our Lady of the Armies, September 8, 1914

In 1877, following the Franco-Prussian war, the bishop of Versailles gave the Eudist priests the charge of directing a community center for the military. Its chapel was built in the Gothic style.

On September 8, 1914, an apparition occurred in that same chapel to a certain Marcelle Planchon, aged 23, a Child of Mary who later became a nun under the name of Sister Marie-France. Marcelle received apparitions of the Virgin, Saint Therese, Saint Michael, and Our Lord.

The messages speak about the Virgin Mary's love for France, invite all to pray for her, and express Our Lord's desire to reign over France. The Lord asked to have the image of his Heart printed on the banners. The apparition itself hasn't been the object of an official declaration.

Currently the Saint John Bosco Canonical Association is in charge of the chapel, which belongs to the diocese of Versailles. The Roman liturgy of 1962 is celebrated.

Today, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Armies offers the faithful an almost regular parish life, headed by a chaplain and a few priests appointed by the bishop. As Bishop Eric Aumonier of Versailles reminded everyone during his visit of September 30, 2001, this community is fully part of the diocesan Church of Versailles.

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