Preparatory apparitions of the Angel at Fatima in 1916

Lucia (March 22, 1907- February 13, 2005); Saint Francisco (June 11, 1908- April 4, 1919) and his sister, Saint Jacinta (March 10, 1910- February 20, 1920), were three young shepherds who witnessed the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal. Lucia, who became a Carmelite nun, wrote the story of the events in her Memoirs.

First apparition of the Angel

It was in the spring of 1916 when the angel appeared for the first time in the Cave of Loca de Cabeco.

We went with the flock up the mountain to find shade, and after having lunch and saying our prayers, we saw in the distance, above the peak of a tree, a light whiter than snow. It had the form of a young man, and it was transparent and more brilliant than a crystal pierced by the rays of the sun.

As it came nearer, we were able to discern and distinguish the features. We were surprised and amazed. Arriving beside us he said, "Do not be afraid. I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me!" Kneeling on the ground, he inclined his head to the ground. We imitated him, taken in by the supernatural moment, and we repeated the words we heard him say:

"My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, adore, hope and love you."

After repeating this three times he stood and said, "Pray like this. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplications." Then he disappeared . . .

The awareness of God’s presence was so intense and profound that we did not attempt to speak with each other. We remained in the position in which the Angel had left us, repeating the prayer the angel had given us. We did not mention anything about this apparition to others, but at the same time, we did not forbid one another to speak about it.

Second apparition of the Angel:

It happened in the middle of the summer at noon, when we were taking the flock to the house. We planned to return in the afternoon. We were in the shade of the trees surrounding the well of Arneiro’s Ranch when the angel appeared to us again.

He said, "What are you doing? Pray! Pray very much! The Hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of Mercy for you. Offer constant prayers and sacrifices to the Almighty!"

"How are we to sacrifice?" I asked. 

"You can offer sacrifices as acts of reparation for sinners, by whom He is so much offended, and you can beg for the conversion of sinners. This will bring your country peace. I am your guardian angel, the Angel of Portugal. Above all, accept with submission the sufferings the Lord sends you," he replied.

These words made a profound impression on us. They were like lights that allowed us to comprehend who God is, how much He loves us and desires to be loved, the value of sacrifice and how much it pleases Him, and how He grants the grace of conversion of sinners through sacrifice. For that reason, from that moment on, we started to offer the Lord all the sufferings possible and repeat the prayer the Angel taught us.

Third apparition of the Angel:

Around October or the end of September, we spent a day going from Pregueira to the Cave Loca de Cabeco, walking around the mountain next to Aljustrel and Casa Velha. There we prayed the Rosary and the prayer the Angel taught us in the first apparition.

While we were there, he appeared the third time, holding a Chalice in his hands. A host was suspended over the Chalice, and drops of blood were falling from it into the Chalice.

Leaving the Chalice and the Host suspended in the air, he prostrated on the ground and repeated three times this prayer:

"Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore you profoundly and I offer the Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present in all the Tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the offenses, sacrileges, and indifferences by which He is so offended. And by the infinite merits of your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I ask for the conversion of poor sinners."

As he stood up, the Angel took the Chalice and the Host. He gave me the Host, and the content of the Chalice he gave to Jacinta and Francisco, saying at the same time: -"Eat the Body and drink the Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly offended by ungrateful men. Make reparation for their crimes and console your God." Again the Angel prostrated on the ground and repeated with us three times the same prayer: "Blessed Trinity..." Then he disappeared.

During the following days our actions were driven by this supernatural power. We felt great inner peace and joy, which kept our souls completely immersed in God. There was also a great exhaustion that overwhelmed us.

I do not know why the apparitions of Our Lady produced such different effects. The same intimate joy, the same peace and happiness, but in place of this physical exhaustion, there was rather an expansive agility; in place of annihilation in the divine presence, an exultant joy; in place of a difficulty in speaking, a certain communicative enthusiasm.

"My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you. I ask pardon for those who 
do not believe, adore, hope and love you."


Source: Pierced Hearts