Mary and the Acts of the Apostles

"In particular, the outpouring of the Spirit leads Mary to exercise her spiritual motherhood in an exceptional way, through her presence imbued with charity and her witness of faith.

In the nascent Church she passes on to the disciples her memories of the Incarnation, the infancy, the hidden life and the mission of her divine Son as a priceless treasure, thus helping to make him known and to strengthen the faith of believers.

We have no information about Mary’s activity in the early Church, but we may suppose that after Pentecost her life would have continued to be hidden and discreet, watchful and effective.

Since she was enlightened and guided by the Spirit, she exercised a deep influence on the community of the Lord’s disciples." (1)

Since Mary took John as her son at the foot of the Cross by the will of her crucified Son - "Here is your son" (Jn 19: 26) - she, became the mother of the Apostles and the mother of all mankind. She truly became the Mother of the Church as a whole. From then on, her prayers have not only accompanied and consoled the early church in Jerusalem, but the Church of all time, for which she has become the model as well as the refuge.


(1) Pope Saint John Paul II, General Audience, May 28, 1997