The Conception of Mary

The Conception of Mary

"There is no doubt that in this conception, a vivifying and incandescent spirit filled each one of Mary's parents with a singular energy and that the protection of holy angels was present." [ 1 ]


These words significantly imply that Joachim and Anna were in the middle of a mysterious intervention on behalf of God, who made them ready to give birth to an exceptional creature, who had in front of her a future fraught with supernatural events. This is shown by the succession of angelic presence around the predestined child.


The Lord wanted therefore that such a creature would appear haloed by a unique splendor, born in admirable purity. "Extraordinary Blessed Virgin, you cannot, concerning your graces merits, be compared to anybody else; you cannot, concerning your chastity, be surpassed by anybody." [ 2 ]




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Père Luigi Gambero