Following Christ's own consecration

« And for their sake I consecrate myself, that they also may be consecrated in truth.»

(John 17, 19)


John Paul II wisely chose this text to renew the entrustments made by his predecessors. In each case (May 13, 1982, October 16, 1983, March 24, 1984), he quoted this passage of the Bible (Jn 17:19) and commented:


"Regarding this entrustment, disciples of all times are meant to put all their energy into world salvation and add something to Christ's sufferings for his Body which is the Church (cf.2 Cor 13:15; Col 1: 24).

"Before you, Mother of Christ, before your Immaculate Heart, I am here today, with the entire Church to join our Redeemer in his consecration for the world and the whole human race, because it is only in his divine heart that she has the power to obtain forgiveness and make reparation.

The power of this entrustment lasts for all time; it embraces all people and all nations. It surpasses every evil that the spirit of darkness can reawaken in the human heart and in our history, and which in fact it has done in our times.

The Church, the mystical body of Christ, joins the consecration of our Redeemer, through the service of Peter's successor. How deeply we feel the need of entrustment, for humanity and for the world, for our contemporary world, in the unity of Jesus Christ himself!"


R. Laurentin