Mary's Parents: Anna and Joachim

The Scriptures do not mention the Virgin Mary’s parents, however we know from the tradition of the Church, and from certain Apocrypha that their names were Joachim and Anne, that they came from the Judah [1] tribe, and that they descended from the illustrious family of King David. Joachim owned a flock of sheep, in Nazareth, in Galilee.

Tradition also reveals that Joachim and Anne remained childless during many long years—years of prayer and hope against all hope—before Anne was able to bear, in her old age. Her daughter would become the Mother of our Lord Savior.

Therefore, Mary has been, ever since her conception, the fruit of a long awaited and marvelous expectation, and of a miracle of God.



[1] See article "Is Mary a Daughter of David ?"