Personal Entrustment to the Virgin Mary

Personal entrustment to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a regular practice in the Church, for private individuals as well as for groups, communities and entire nations. Popes have, on several occasions, in key moments of Church history, shown themselves as examples of such a practice. Pope Paul VI made the following comments on this subject:

Lastly, venerable brothers, we express the trust that, thanks to your encouragement, the clergy and the Christian people entrusted to your pastoral ministry will respond in a generous spirit to this exhortation of ours so as to demonstrate toward the Virgin Mother of God a more ardent piety and a firmer confidence. Meanwhile while we are comforted by the certainty that the glorious Queen of Heaven and our most sweet Mother will never cease to assist all and each one of her sons and will never withdraw from the entire Church of Christ her heavenly patronage, to you yourselves and to your faithful, as a pledge of divine favors and as a sign of our benevolence, we wholeheartedly impart the apostolic blessing.

(Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness Paul VI "Signum Magnum," II,8)

Pope Paul VI