Novena to Saint Joseph

A supplication for the family


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This Novena to Saint Joseph was prepared in collaboration with the Marie de Nazareth Association by the Sisters of Mater Dei, community of "Saint Joseph, spouse of Mary", sanctuary of Cotignac (Var, France).



Why pray a Novena to Saint Joseph?

On December 8, 1870, St. Joseph was declared “Patron of the Universal Church” by Blessed Pope Pius IX. Together with all Christians of the world, we are preparing to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this declaration. 

In fact, God trusted St. Joseph, placing under his care the greatest and most valued of His treasures: Jesus, Mary, the Church, as well as each one of us! Let us entrust ourselves to Joseph in order to “grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52) so as to be able to face the particular challenges of our times. 

Saint Joseph is an outstanding defender but, moreover, he is a great model for our days. In today’s world, so uncertain and turbulent, he lived an exemplary life full of faith, renunciation, trust in God, mercy, and work. May this novena help us to be imbued with his testimony and assigned to his fatherly care. 


Day 1: Saint Joseph teaches us Silence

Day 2: Saint Joseph teaches us to live by Faith

Day 3: Saint Joseph teaches us to listen to the Divine Word

Day 4: Saint Joseph Teaches us to join the Divine Will

Day 5: Saint Joseph teaches us Strength

Day 6: Saint Joseph teaches us Confidence

Day 7: Saint Joseph teaches us the Value of Family Life

Day 8: Saint Joseph teaches us the Spirit of Work

Day 9: Saint Joseph teaches us Holy Death



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