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Become a Volunteer !

Do you want to give your time and apply your own skills to a work of evangelization? Do you know someone who hasn't heard of us but could help? The Marie de Nazareth organization is looking for people willing to join its team and serve in this work of evangelization. Below is a list of our current needs.

You would be joining a team, trained for a specific mission, and regularly kept informed of the organization's activities, so you can make the best use of your skills and experience in serving the organization. If you wish to share your talents, please don’t hesitate to contact us and send us your résumé.

We are looking for translators


The Marie de Nazareth organization is looking for skilled translators in several languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, etc.) who can work from home, to develop its website and occasionally work on other media.


  • Translation from French, preferably to your native language
  • Correction and proofreading of texts
  • Use of word processing programs (Word, PowerPoint) and online translation tools

 Estimated work time

Whatever you can give. For example, 3 hours a week or more on a regular basis.

We are looking for a lawyer


The Marie de Nazareth organization and the Marie de Nazareth Aleteia Foundation (operating under the aegis of the French Foundation of the Order of Malta) want to allow their benefactors to receive the highest tax exemptions on gifts and bequests. To this end, we created a gifts and bequests department headed by the director of the public fundraising campaigns (communications sector) and by the chief legal officer (former notary public and lawyer) and chief financial officer.

This department will also conduct specific studies for the acceptance of gifts by and /or on behalf of foreign non-profit legal entities.

We are looking for a lawyer (retired for instance), a former solicitor, attorney or legal expert specialized in family law.


Writing communication documents relative to managing public fundraising campaigns. This task consists primarily in creating a brochure for the organization's gifts and bequests; additionally, to ensure that the option to make gifts and bequests is always presented and easily visible on all our paper and electronic documents, is relevant and meets legal criteria.

  • Legal memos—short summary reports—giving up-to-date taxation news and aspects of case law that might be of interest to donors and testators
  • Legal control of paper and electronic mailings relative to gifts and bequests
  • Follow-up on requests for brochures and individual treatment of future legatees if and when necessary
  • Assistance and follow-up of donors and testators, upon their request according to the particular nature of each case submitted, by email, telephone or in-person meeting
  • Assistance and follow-up of legatees, legatee by legatee, with the help of the CRM Salesforce, prior to and subsequent to the death
  • Presentation of a quarterly status report on legatees and bequests to the National Council of Notaries
  • Suggestion of any campaign or activity likely to increase the collection of funds; attendance at special events; advertising, etc.

Estimated work time

For the communication side:

  • A first intensive phase of document creation: 15 work days
  • A second phase of follow-up, control and verification: 2 days per month.

For the legal side:

  • A first intensive phase of establishing a collaboration with a foundation: estimation of 15 work days
  • Second phase: assisting donors and testators.

The time spent on this task can vary greatly, depending on the needs and the number of people asking for information and assistance. If we are successful, additional staffing may be considered.

We are looking for custom carpenters and craftsmen


The organization's Paris headquarters are currently in need of new coats of paint, and small repairs and improvements are needed on a regular basis.


Our offices are located in the 15th arrondissement. We would be glad to discuss possible repair projects with volunteers. Your skills would be greatly appreciated. We are grateful for your generosity in sharing your time and experience.