A Moment with Mary

A slightly crazy idea

In 2006, Jerome Stevenson and the Clasis Agency, who worked for the Marie de Nazareth Association, came up with the idea of sending an email to the thousands of donors who had contributed to the building of the International Mary of Nazareth Center, to continue sharing with them about the Mother of God.

Everyone was keen about this idea, but Jerome added, "We need a regular newsletter." No one objected to this. But when he said, "My idea is to send out one every day.” We were all a little startled because we were already overwhelmed with work, with only volunteers ... But he insisted, "It should be sent out every day, but be as short as possible." That’s when we grasped his idea, and viewed it as something feasible! ...

Every day, a short text about the Mother of God

The idea of sending out a short text about the Mother of God daily is a wonderful idea that helps keep the bond we should have with our Mother alive, and enriches that link by gradually helping us to discover all the great mysteries of the Theotokos.

A steady growth with already 200,000 subscribers

The content we had collected for the creation of our website provided the texts for the first 3 years. We quickly had 50,000 subscribers, and today there is still continuous growth thanks to the team formed by Jerome, Genevieve and Christian. We reached 200,000 subscribers in May 2017 and expect 300,000 subscribers at the end of 2017 and a strong growth afterwards, projected to reach 1 million, thanks to our ongoing developments in several languages.