Qattara (Liban)

Qattara and Mayfouk are two historic towns in Lebanon. Located along the Sacred Valley road that passes through Hannaya and the Shrine of Saint Charbel's Tomb, these towns once provided asylum and protection to the Patriarchs and a burial place for their final rest at the time of persecutions.

In 2004, the Lebanese Maronite Order accepted to provide a site for a local “Mary of Nazareth” Marian Evangelization Center, and chose the Convent of Mar Challita with 2 1/2 acres of land, located just 2 miles from the ancient Maronite patriarchal site of Mayfouk where the icon of Our Lady of Ilige (essential to the Maronite liturgy) is venerated. Between 2004 and 2008, the first renovation phase of the convent took place. A large hall will soon be built to house the multimedia exhibits from Nazareth in Arabic.

Father Antoine Khalifeh, of the Maronite Lebanese Order and director of the Marian Evangelization Center of Mar Challita in Qattara, was appointed as the official representative for this center. The project also has an online component with the daily message A Moment with Mary, the “Mary of Nazareth” website in Arabic, and the website in Arabic.