Our Spiritual Roots

When we let Mary touch our hearts, she comes into our lives, she shares her treasures with us and she helps us to see that she wants to do the same favors for each and every one of her children, if only we would lend her our small hands.

How fortunate we are to work for and with such a wonderful mother, especially when the work begins in Nazareth, a town unique in the world chosen by heaven to be its first point of contact with the earth to save humanity. Indeed, it was there that God decided to borrow and share our human condition, in the home of a couple he had prepared and filled with all the graces needed for such a sublime mission: Mary, the Mother he chose for himself and then gave to us from the cross and Joseph, chosen to be Mary’s husband and his own future foster-father.

Helping others to know and love the Holy Family of Nazareth, to know God's plan to save humanity and lead us to everlasting joy in heaven, is the underlying motivation that drives everyone who participates in and supports the "Mary of Nazareth" Project by their prayers, financial donations or the gift of their time and their talents.