The Marie de Nazareth Association

We are a team of men and women, both lay and religious, who have chosen to become involved in evangelization throughout the world.

The purpose of the Marie de Nazareth Association (AMDN) is to evangelize by introducing the general public to the awe-inspiring mystery of the Mother of God—the Blessed Virgin Mary—and to the overall beauty, truth and depth of the Catholic faith. This mission is accomplished by making use of all available modern multimedia technology. Another goal is to invite people to love Mary, because she leads us all to Jesus Christ.

To this end, we have embarked on creating Marian Evangelization Centers that offer a catechetical program presented through a top-quality multimedia show produced with the same technical means used by the entertainment industry giants. The first Center was built in Nazareth between 2001 and 2012 thanks to the support of 20,000 donors, mostly from France. Construction of the second Center is planned for late 2013, at the Shrine of Guadalupe in Mexico; the third one is in the works at Aparecida, Brazil. Others are in the planning phase in Kibeho, Rwanda and Qattara, Lebanon. There are also Marian Evangelization Centers envisaged in Austria, the United States, Russia, Poland, France, etc.

AMDN is present in the digital world as well, through a Christian resource website in 9 languages. It sends out “A Moment with Mary” —a daily meditation emailed worldwide in 6 languages—to help readers discover a new aspect of the Blessed Mother of God each day.

The Marie de Nazareth Foundation was created on June 19, 2007 under the auspices of the Order of Malta Foundation in France and is authorized to accept donations and bequests for the projects led by AMDN.

The Marie de Nazareth Association, a French non-profit organization under the Law of 1901, works in close collaboration with competent Church authorities. Members of this organization are lay and religious professionals, and all members are volunteers.