The Marie de Nazareth Team

Executive Director

Olivier Bonnassies

Executive Committee

Olivier Bonnassies

Bruno Rivière de Précourt  

Fr. Antoine Cousin, CCN

Communications & A Moment with Mary Manager

Jérôme Stevenson

A Moment with Mary Editor

Geneviève Esquier

Our History with Mary Manager

Marie-Eve Bourgois

Assisted by Alain Vignal, historical proofreading

Translations Manager

Elizabeth Conquer

Technical Manager & Webmaster

Christian Danis

Assisted by Miguel Morin and Philippe Régent

Financial and Administrative Manager

Nathalie Baesler

Assisted by Angélique Le Drogo

Chief Legal Officer

Jean-Louis Falcoz

Graphic Artist

Caroline Hardouin

Donor Relations Manager

Laure Poisson

"Daily Selection" Managers

Judikaël Hirel, journalist

Philippe Oswald, journalist

Visitor Support Team

Etienne de Villeuneuve

Jean-Yves Nerriec

(Note: we are looking for interested and competent volunteers)


Laurence Darger (English)

Liliane Stevenson (English)

Gloriantonia Henriquez (Spanish)

Rosi Capaccioni (Spanish)

Eunice Pacelli (Portuguese)

Thacio Siqueira (Portuguese)

Roberta Tabolacci (Italian)

Grazyna Bouloy (Polish)

Birgitt Winter (German)

Matthew Green (Spanish language promotion)