The team

Marie de Nazareth  Association

Jacques Martin de La Bastide, attorney

Bruno Rivière de Précourt, former senior banker

Patrick Iweins, CPA, statutory auditor

MDN Productions Executive Director and Manager 
Olivier Bonnassies, entrepreneur

Theological Consultant 
Father Frederic Gatineau, rector of the Basilica of Longpont-sur-Orge (northern France)

Spiritual Advisor  
Father Francis Volle, cpcr (Parish Cooperators of Christ the King)

Active members
Marie-Christine Amiot, agriculturist
Jean-Louis Falcoz, honorary notary public and lawyer
François Lemosse, full-time employee for the Monastic Sisters of Bethlehem
Vincent Redier, KTO president
Pierre Saint Hillier, ex-CEO of Lafarge
Philippe Rollier, ex-CEO of Lafarge

Representatives of the International Mary of Nazareth Center (operated by the Chemin Neuf community )
Father Antoine Cousin, Chemin Neuf treasurer
Marc Hodara, member of the Chemin Neuf, ex-director of the CIMDN

Representatives of the CME in Lebanon
Father Antoine Khalifé, Maronite Lebanese Order, director of the Marian Evangelization Center of Mar Challita located in Qattara, Lebanon