Rosary for the World

After Lent and Holy Week, the Easter season begins with the Resurrection, and up until this year it used to end somewhat abruptly with Pentecost. But today the Church gives us Mary, Mother of the Church, to live Ordinary Time with her. With this feast of Mary Mother of the Church following Pentecost, the Church tells us: "Mary is our Mother; you must take her hand and continue your journey with her every day."

As a response, we are invited to commit ourselves or to confirm our commitment to daily prayer with her, each of us according to our state of life and personal preferences.

Just as you cannot be a marathoner or pianist without regular exercise, you cannot grow spiritually and prepare for Heaven without daily spiritual practices.

Today the world is changing for the worse, and the forces that oppose Christ are gaining ground. We are sometimes at a loss as how to stop this tide of evil. How can we transform the world? Human means do have an impact and must not be neglected, but supernatural and divine means are even more powerful.

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On our own, we can feel helpless, but together, with the help of God and his Mother, nothing is impossible, because prayer and fasting can stop wars and change natural laws. By bringing together our modest individual and concrete prayer pledges, we can create a great prayer movement for our families, our country and the world.

Through these commitments, we also manifest that we want to respond to the requests of the Virgin Mary who continues to call us to prayer, everywhere, in all her apparitions.

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