Why should I become a Catholic?

To be saved from evil, sin and death! To go to Heaven! To help save the world!

To become a Catholic is first of all an act by which one recognizes the truth and adheres to it freely with the joy of God’s grace. Some other important implications are to:

  • Be saved from sin and death
  • Escape the grip of evil in our life
  • Have a relationship with God
  • Go to Heaven
  • Help others and the world be saved through Jesus
  • Start living life to the fullest

"The truth will set you free." (John 14:6)

Our intelligence and our will are the two most important gifts God has given us. With our free will, we are able to exercise our intelligence and our will to determine our own path, even if most of the time we are not entirely free.

Because our intelligence struggles to understand the immediate reality, it has lost the scope it should have, and we are satisfied with narrow answers. Christian revelation dilates our intelligence so it can see things from above and not only from a microscopic point of view.

Only Christianity can take us there—there is no other belief system that elevates our freedom in the truth that aims to heal our free will to be truly free and have the capacity to give ourselves freely to a cause or to someone.

Our free will is wounded, that’s why we are unhappy. The philosopher Pascal talked about man’s greatness and misery. When you're not a Christian, your engine is running at only 5% of its capacity.

Baptism binds us to God forever

Asking for baptism is the step that brings us into this dynamic. Through baptism we enter Christ’s life and we receive the gifts of faith, hope and charity, given to us in addition to sight, smell, hearing, etc. With them we acquire a higher sense that puts us in touch with God and enable us to say "I believe."

Faith helps us see the world with God’s deep vision. Hope gives us a glimpse of new perspectives. Charity draws us out of our little selves and makes us go to God and others; it is that ability to give ourselves to others.

In this new Christian life we let the current flow by putting an end to the breakdown effect of original sin. Through faith consecrated by Baptism, we are delivered from sin and death. God heals our souls before healing our bodies, so even though we are delivered from sin, we still have to go through a struggle, heavy trials to sustain, and ultimately physical death.

Why all this evil? Did God send us a Savior? How can I have his life in me? Jesus shows us the only way to God the Father, the only way to a true relationship with God.

Jesus is the only one who has conquered death, the only one who can save us!

That’s why one can lean on him and follow him. By him alone comes salvation. We can trust him! He is the one who has conquered death! With him I am certain that I can get to Heaven!

Jesus says something and he does it—he heals the sick, he raises the dead and he does all this by himself. "I have the power to lay down my life, and I have the power to take it up again." (Jn 10:18)

This man is God – God is this man

God did everything, he became man and spoke with human words so that I could understand ... Let's listen to him, let's follow him and let's be united to him, the only one who can save us!