Life in the Spirit: The Beatitudes and the Virtues

Entering into the profound mystery of God’s love means learning how to live within the Holy Spirit. The blessed Virgin Mary whom we call Mother of God (Theotokos) is a sure guide to her Son: she is at the same time Mother and disciple of Christ as well as an attentive Mother to all.

The Virgin Mary, an Example for Us

Saint Pope Paul VI explains in his apostolic exhortation “Signum Magnum” from May 13th, 1967:

“Furthermore, it is well to bear in mind that Mary's eminent sanctity was not only a singular gift of divine liberality. It was also the fruit of the continuous and generous cooperation of her free will in the inner motions of the Holy Spirit.”

She is therefore a model for those wanting to live in the Holy Spirit.

The Virgin Mary, an attentive Mother

The blessed Mother is attentive to the development of divine life in our souls: she is a sure guide to her Son.

Let us therefore enter into this divine life by contemplating the great virtues of Mary and the way in which we can in our turn live within the Holy Spirit.


Organization of the section ‘Life in the Holy Spirit: The Beatitudes and the Virtues’ in the Marian Encyclopedia

The Virgin Mary, “full of grace”, is wonderful due to all her virtues.

The presentation of the apostolic Exhortation “Signum Magnum” explains how she is a “great sign” for everybody.

Then the great virtues of the blessed Mother are discussed: moral or cardinal virtues (virtues of the heart) that are aimed at actions, and supernatural or theological virtues which have God as their object. The Beatitudes are furthermore lived by the blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph.

Being guided by the Holy Spirit means receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit that inspire us to live according to Him.

Finally, some texts (by St. John Damascene, Father and Doctor of the Church as well as other saints) complete the section by showing us the dynamics of the virtues in our souls.